Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Ground Zero Controversy

Yes, I'm back... I have heard from a few people who said they wished I would do something more here, so, I'm back.
Let's talk about the nonsense surrounding the Islamic Center that Muslims wish to build near Ground Zero. Yes, religious freedom gives them the right to worship however they please and whoever they please. It doesn't not give them the right to build anywhere they wish without consideration of the sensibilities of those who would be their neighbors or without consideration of what the specific location might mean to others... in this case, the majority of Americans.
I saw the reporter for CNN touring the blocks around Ground Zero pointing to a "gentleman's club" which is, of course, code for a strip club. I saw her point out the OTB which allows people to place bets on horse races without the inconvenience of going to the track. And yes, I saw the bars and other places that many of us would not wish to see in our neighbors, all operating without protest.
But here's the difference. Strippers didn't fly airplanes into buildings. Gramblers haven't proclaimed their hatred for Americans. Acoholics haven't wished to destroy the United States.
So if the Muslims are really interested in building bridges between them and the rest of American society, let them listen to the wish of the people and build their center a little farther away. This would show some sensitivity to those who lost loved ones in the destruction of the twin towers.
And just so that we're clear here... any attack on a mosque in the United States is wrong. The vast majority of Muslims are good people who can relate to the feelings of others and listen to what they have to say. When we attack their centers of religion, we fall to the level of those who fly airplanes into buildings and we are all better than that.